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Fall AIM trip 2009

Another trip to Altamont, Tennessee and I had a wonderful time. I met some new friends, saw a few familiar faces, and had good company for the drive down and back.

This time down, I stayed in Peabody cabin. There were folks in two other buildings, ‘Friends’ cabin, which is newer, and ‘The Lodge’, which is older. The bathrooms are cozy, but since we were all-men in Peabody, we used both the mens and womens bathrooms.
My bunk
The rooms have bunks for four, but we were only two in a room in most cases. The bunks have room to spread out bags and there are hooks to hang clothes. Outlets are nice to plug in rechargeable devices.
Dining Hall
The dining hall is attached to the meeting area and becomes a gathering spot while in camp. Meals are served family style, with hosts determined in advance. Two hosts per table set up in advance, and bring food and drinks. Everyone takes turns being hosts.
Mailboxes are a part of sharing. By the end of the trip there are many messages of encouragement and thanks. The mailboxes range from lunch bags to finely crafted wood, metal, and ceramic creations.

Fall weekends consist of two days of fieldwork. Mission Production Teams (MPT’s) are selected on Thursday night after dinner, and are chosen at random without regard for project or specific experience, and purposely break up large groups so that new friendships form. The work days are Friday and Saturday.
Project house
On Friday, we drove to our site, which was less than a mile from camp. Some groups were much farther and drove as much as 45 minutes to get to their site. We were working on an addition to a log cabin, which sat on about an acre of heavily wooded land. It was a wonderfully peaceful spot, very picturesque.
Get to work...
Our group quickly sized up the site, the list, and the materials and got to work. We needed to complete some framing, work on siding, plumbing and insulation. The list was aggressive.

The siding was rough sawn lumber, with planks about 10 ¼ in width. The application would be board and batten style. The battens would be cut from the same boards, later.
Siding the gable
We were fortunate enough to have a nail gun for our group (thanks Bob). This helped the group make good progress. Tom W did much of the ladder work while Alison, Debbie, and Rachel helped with the ladder and cutting of the boards.
Trimming the siding
There were a lot of boards to measure and cut, and many angle and compound angles for the gable.
Nice fit.
The gable end required much cutting and fitting to work around the rafters, the fit was perfect.
The plumbers
The plumbing work included drains and rough-in of the supply lines. Drew and Tom M worked on this task.
Fittings everywhere
There was quite an assortment of fittings to sort through.
Most of the day Saturday required Drew and Tom to work under the house in a crawl space. There were many PVC pipes running around underneath.
They were glad to be out for good Saturday.
The plumbing also consisted of setting a new tub and surround. The wall behind the tub was furred out from the log wall so that it would be plumb. Then the drain and supply could be located.
The surround
The surround is a three piece, the homeowner will love the new space when it gets completed.
Installation of insulation
Rachel worked on insulation, putting R-13 in the walls and R-19 in the ceiling. She spent a lot of time with the staple gun, which required quite a squeeze to eject staples. There were no complaints about the arduous task.
Our TARP plan...
On Saturday, we set up tarps as shelters from the drizzle, which had made things damp on Friday as well. We used this for covering the table saw, and mitre saw work areas in addition to a workspace.
On Saturday, along with the second day of drizzle, we also had some small hail or freezing rain that came down in a brief shower. This may not be an uncommon situation since we are up in the mountains. I would imagine that the same freezing rain would melt if it had further to fall.
We had a wonderful team that worked well together and accomplished a lot.(BACK ROW LtoR- Debbie, Alison, Bob; MIDDLE ROW - John, Rachel, Tom W, Tom M; FRONT - Drew)
The waterfall
Late in the day Saturday after picking up, we headed down to a bed and breakfast down the road to see the view from the bluff over looking a waterfall.
At the B&B
The host at the B&B was kind enough to take a group picture, and show us his house.
Saturday night was very cold, and put a heavy coating of frost on the vehicles.
Sonja and Jan
On Sunday, we broke camp and headed home. Each with new friendships and a sense of accomplishment for the things done on the trip.