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2007 Fall Trip - AIM

These are pictures I took in Tennessee while on a mission trip to Mountain T.O.P. We started by doing some drywall work on the inside of the house on day one. The crew put drywall around two doors, patched a spot in the bathroom, and sanded a bedroom. The bedroom should be ready for paint after our second day. The doors will need additional mudding before they are ready to paint. We worked outside on day two to replace the vinyl underpinning, which was cracking due to age. We only had enough time in our schedule to do the back of the house, another crew will have to finish this project.

The following pictures are from day 2.


Here Carolyn is digging a trench for the underpinning, Ryan and Larry are sizing up the plan, Marge is cutting nailers and Joy is getting more materials.



Ryan and Marge discuss the nailers while Larry measures for tinwork.



As the sun comes out, Larry tunes the radio to get the worksite jumpin'.


Joy is working on trenching.


Ryan is installing the nailers.


Larry is attaching the tinwork. When completed, this will keep animals out from under the house.


Marge is cutting some of the nailers. Marge taught me the importance of leaving tools the way you found them (just like borrowing the parents car!).


Joy is helping Ryan with a nailer. This one goes behind the back steps.


Carolyn is marking tin, which is to be cut with a saw. Larry is putting pieces up. We had to work quickly as this was the last day on the site.


Ryan, Joy, and Marge are surveying a trouble spot while Larry and Carolyn continue with more of the tin work trench.


This is the team (from left) Carolyn, John, Ryan, Glenda (the home-owner), Marge, Larry (in back), and Joy. This was a wonderful team. The team worked hard, had fun, and Glenda was very appreciative of the work that was done. We will all long remember this weekend on the mountain in Tennessee.