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Welcome to the web home of John, Ruth and Isaac Van Duzer.

Please take a moment to look around. We have some articles that look at what we have been up to and pictures taken along the way. There are some older pictures that can be found on the pictures page, but all of the newer stuff will be included in a blog format. Also on this site you will find pictures of our construction project from 2008, and articles dedicated to trips to Mountain TOP in Tennessee ('07 and '09). Isaac has his own page that he maintains himself, a link can be found on the menu to the left. Along with the cookie recipes from the old website, there are some new favorite recipes including a Corn and Black Bean Salsa. We will even add video clips from time to time, click the video page from the menu. Most importantly, our dutch ancestry is traced on our Van Duzer Genealogy page. This is very dear to me as the original version was hand coded many years ago and used on a previous website, which is now archived and available- see the Archived Site link on the menu.

Feel free to add comments to blog articles (these will be reviewed by an administrator to be sure they are relevant, and not spam). Registered users will not require a review prior to posting, but all posts are subject to review.

As mentioned, the old page was hand coded in a text editor; which was more difficult to maintain than the new site. Since it evolved over the course of time, there are some interesting things in the 'corners'. I have really enjoyed looking at the old pages while transferring from the old website. It is an interesting look through an old scrapbook. I hope visitors will find something useful or interesting here.

Please send an e-mail if you enjoyed your visit, or if you would like to leave some feedback. There is also a 'Van Duzer Genealogy' Facebook page, if you would like to connect with others...