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Geocities Archive 1997-2009

These links provide access to the previous Van Duzer Webpage. The original website has roots back to 1997, and was hosted by Geocities. Geocities was purchased by Yahoo, who decided after many years that there was no money in free website hosting. Geocities closed in fall of 2009. These links provide access to those pages that were active at the end.

The Genealogy page has its own link for accessibility, but is also available through the site archive.

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1   Link   Geocities Site Archive
Complete site archive of old website as it appeared when Yahoo closed Geocities in the fall of 2009. The hand-coded site had evolved for 12 years at this time.
2   Link   (Geocities) Genealogy Archive
This is a direct link to the Van Duzer genealogy pages as they existed at Geocities. These pages are similar to the pages contained in the site archive pages, but the links have been corrected to reflect linkbacks to the current website.